Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lets talk wearable neutrals...

So now that its spring and everyone will be painting their nails every shade of coral, red, and hot pink - I'm just getting around to test drive all of the new neutral shades. I work in a pretty conservative office environment and I can't walk in with the blacks, blues, greens or other beautiful colors on my pinkies. So it was off to Target where I found the four beauties below - both budget friendly, gorgeously wearable, and available everywhere. From left to right, For a khaki gray try Sally Hansen Salon Manicure - Commander in Chic - $5 at Target
For almost the exact same color as the Sally Hansen, but $3 more try Essie - Merino Cool - $8 at Target
For a lighter warm gray try Essie - Chinchilly - $8 at Target
For a more brownish gray try Essie - Mink Muffs - $8 at Target

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