Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday...

When your Monday starts with a 4am alarm, you know its going to be one of those days.  Mr Big Sunglasses had an early morning flight and after he left I realized we forgot to pick up the dry cleaning this weekend, so it was a frantic dig through the closet, and after all was tight, I hopped on the scale (I knew better, but once you start to spiral, you might as well go for it) and I was horrified, grabbed my fatty costume (a black Ann Taylor sheath dress that hides all that is wrong with the world and a black J Crew Jackie cardigan) and made up my mind to make little changes to get back on track. 

There are 4 areas that I am weak when it comes to a little weight management and they are:

1. I love dessert too much - I mean really, has anyone ever had a crummy cupcake? 
2. I avoid exercise like its my job. 
3. I make bad (but extremely delicious) choices when I eat at restaurants. 
4. I go overboard with the soda

So my first order of business is to get this dessert thing down.  After a hectic morning it was time for my traditional Monday bribe, a la dee da Kate Spade notepad and a trip to to Starbucks for a green iced tea (unsweetened of course) and a new petite red velvet moonpie and I have to say, for under 150 calories, it was fantastic!

After the success with the moonpie, I tried a fat free brownie mix from Trader Joe's, used the applesauce variation and to my surprise it was incredibly easy and absolutely delicious - I highly recommend the edges, they are incredibly crispy, I need to get that Oprah brownie pan with all the edges.  In a twist of irony, when I got the mail, taaah daaah, nothing other than the Vogue 10th Anniversary Shape Issue...I think its a sign!

Tomorrow I tackle my nemesis...the elliptical
Sweet dreams...

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  1. oh, you and me both, meg! i, too, avoid exercise like it's my job... only 66 days to a habit!


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